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Senate Gives the Wheel to 80,000 Self-Driving Cars

Cue the masses! Autonomous car development, sales, and safety is officially in the car makers’ hands after the Senate greenlights legislation authorizing 80,000 safety standard exempt, self-driving cars to be sold per year within three years. In the future, the committee may set timelines for data collection and data-driven safety standards based off this trial period. The bill allows for driverless technologies to further develop before imposing regulations that could potentially stagnate the industry.

Time To Call My Uber Meeting

The license plate ends in ‘IPO’ and arrives in 2019. Uber’s board of directors recently voted on major internal changes that will eventually lead to the company going public. The reshuffling of power and other changes allowed the ride sharing company to move forward on a stock sale to Japan’s SoftBank, which is expected to total $1-1.25 billion as an investment of Uber’s current $67.5 billion valuation, though the transaction is still in its earliest stages. Settling in for a long ride.

It’s Game On for GM in the Self-Driving Car Race

What’s your ETA? While GM won’t say when their Cruise Automation’s software will be ready for commercial use, it’s apparently making ‘rapid progress’ and keeping investors happy. GM’s decision to take their testing to the high-traffic streets of San Francisco is said to play a major role in accelerating development. To read the story from Reuters, click here.

Ford, GM Decide to Go with the Electric Flow

The future looks bright after some international and domestic market pressure. With GM leading the Detroit pack and Ford following soon after, these two auto giants are headed toward an all-electric future- eventually. The move follows indications that major markets such as China and California hope to ban gasoline-powered cars as well as electric-focused actions by Volkswagen, Daimler, Volvo, and of course, Tesla.

Ford Gets with the Partner Program

The reporter said it, we didn’t: “Ford Motor Co. is making moves that investors and analysts would have called innovative had they not come several months after the competition.” Ford joins a long list of partnerships between Lyft, top auto companies, and other tech companies involved with autonomous vehicles, including Alphabet and GM. Ford moving from the individual to partner track does solidify the bridge between Silicon Valley and Detroit. Ford finally found its California dream.

Cadillac Hits the Highway Hands-Free with Super Cruise

Can’t wait to cruise around town without a driver? Cadillac’s semi-autonomous Super Cruise system is here to help in the meantime. The system allows humans to take a break once they are centered in highway lanes if adaptive cruise control is turned on while it also monitors if they are paying attention to the road in case of an emergency. Super Cruise is only for major highways, turning off for exits, two-lane highways, and city streets.

Tech New World: Electric Cars Poised to Be Next iPhone

Just as the iPhone spurred the app industry, smartphone thumb, and a serious dependence on our smartphones, the electric car is ready to make waves. With several separate innovations in the automotive industry poised to compound the demand for electric cars, Big Oil may be on the outs. While analysts expect the change to be gradual, electric cars, car sharing, ride pooling, and autonomous vehicles have and continue to reshape the industry.

Aaron Jacoby Named to Daily Journal's Top 100 Lawyers List

Arent Fox LLP is pleased to announce that Automotive practice group leader Aaron H. Jacoby has been named among the "Top 100 Lawyers" in California by the Daily Journal as a result of his cutting-edge legal work.

Delphi and BlackBerry Go to Work

In the news: two previously unlikely partners are partnering to develop autonomous cars- who knew? BlackBerry will equip auto supplier Delphi with the secure operating system for their autonomous driving system called Centralized Sensing Localization and Planning. BlackBerry’s “robust software infrastructure” will use features such as encryption and anomaly detection with a focus on preventing system malfunctions and cyber incidents.

Autonomous vehicle technology (AVT) is garnering a lot of attention

Autonomous vehicle technology (AVT) is garnering a lot of attention, and its hypothetical impact on society will very soon be a reality.  Earlier in September the House of Representatives passed H.R.3388 - SELF DRIVE Act laying the framework for AVT regulation.  That bill, now in the Senate, was the subject of a recent Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee hearing on the future of self-driving vehicles and the impact of AVT on the